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Quotes We had some pork loin at the weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. The meat was dark and bursting with flavour. The skin and fat we grilled separately; it crisped up beatifully and made a delicious guilty mouthful! We made pancetta and dry cured bacon using belly and loin and fried up a few slices of each for breakfast. Mouth watering and a real gourmet feast between two slices of buttery brown bread! The sausages were made with just the addition of garlic, salt and pepper. They were heaven on a plate and my friends and family just cant get enough!! One leg we've salted to make Parma-style ham. And I've no doubt that in 6 months time when we finally unwrap it for a taste test it will be our best yet! Thanks HellFire Pigs for a great experience of owning our own pig and for the delicious meat that followed; food provenance never tasted so good! We will be back next year, hungry for more! Quotes
Nick and Claire
'Own a Pig' customers

Quotes The pork is delicious and we look forward to dealing with you again. Quotes
Michelle McGuinness
Pork Customer

Quotes "We roasted the shoulder very simply for Sunday lunch with a caramelised apple sauce and it was completely delicious - really flavoursome meat and great crackling. We fed eight with enough left overs for a great stir fry the following night. It's been such a long since we cooked pork because of the difficulty in getting good quality meat that it has been a real treat to have it in the house again. I would definitely like to order from you again when you next have availability." Quotes
Katy McGuinness

Quotes Just to let you know we had the first of our pork last evening. Excellent ! Just the right amount of fat, superb flavour and lovely and moist. And all delivered to our door! Thanks very much. See you again for the next 1/4 pig ! Quotes
Marilyn MacTiernan

Quotes Bref We got quarter of a pig and it was the best tasting pork we ever had. Keep it up, we will be back for more. Bruno Quotes
Bruno Byrne


  • "Ate a pork chop, just delicious and sweet and rich, as good as the best rare breed i have eaten. Kidney was gorgeous too. Really worth all your work."
    Anne Kennedy
    Own a Pig customer ( )
  • "We roasted some pork, very slowly, straight away and it was sublime. You have a great product.."
    John McKenna
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