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Quotes Oh my God Bref,so sorry to hear I wont be able to get Hellfire pork anymore. I suppose people talk the talk but wont put the money where their mouth is. Your pork was fantastic. I only hope that some situation arises that makes you reconsider. If you do, please contact me. Best Regards Shay Quotes
Shay Riordan
Hellfirepigs Fan

Quotes We roasted some pork, very slowly, straight away and it was sublime. You have a great product.. Quotes
John McKenna
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Quotes We just received our third order from Bref. The chops we had last night were the best yet. The whole family agree that they have never tasted pork that was so good. We will be placing our next order in a couple of weeks as we know the freezer will be empty again soon! Quotes

Quotes Had a gorgeous shoulder slow roasted over the weekend. The flavour was fantastic! Also had chops and belly, lovely crackling and again great flavour. Looking forward to more! Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes Last week we had a Hellfire Pigs pork fest; chops, belly and shoulder. All delicious, and all which I will be having again very soon, as I need more research to decide if the belly or shoulder is my favourite! Quotes
John O'Malley
Happy pork munchers

Quotes Bref, have had two roasts and having another one tonight. I can't believe how much better your meat is than regular pork bought in the shops. Well done. keep it up. we'll be back for more. Quotes
Sean byrne
satisfied customer

Quotes Everything I've tried so far has been delicious, the proof being that im ordering another already! Quotes
Cormac Broomfield
Pork Customer

Quotes Hi Bref; we had the leg of pork over the weekend with some friends and the unanimous verdict was that it was superb! When you next slaughter, let me know. I'll be keen to buy more. Quotes
Oliver Blacque
Pork Customer

Quotes Ate a pork chop, just delicious and sweet and rich, as good as the best rare breed i have eaten. Kidney was gorgeous too. Really worth all your work. Quotes
Anne Kennedy
Own a Pig customer ( )

Quotes Just to let you know we tried a shoulder yesterday for dinner and it was lovely, very concentrated taste. Slow roasted for about 5-hours. Can't wait to get stuck in to the rest! Many thanks and I'm sure we'll be in contact again. Quotes
Barbara and John
'Own a Pig' customers


  • "Everything I've tried so far has been delicious, the proof being that im ordering another already!"
    Cormac Broomfield
    Pork Customer
  • "We had some pork loin at the weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. The meat was dark and bursting with flavour. The skin and fat we grilled separately; it crisped up beatiful..."
    Nick and Claire
    'Own a Pig' customers