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  1. Are your pigs organic?

    No, the pigs are not organic. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. 'Organic' is a very costly label to apply to any foodstuff. I believe the gaurantee that my pigs are freerange and lead happy healthy lives is better than buying a piece of meat with an 'Organic' label from some farm 'somewhere'. If you are buying a pig or pork, you can visit and see for yourself!!

  2. Do your pigs ever get any injections or medications?

    Only when absolutley neccessary!!

    If a pig is unwell, I will try and get him/her better as quickly as possible, I will not let my pigs suffer if at all possible. Saying that, my pigs are very healthy. I have never had to call a vet in.

  3. How much meat will I get from a full pig and how much will it cost?

    I aim to have a carcase weight of around 40Kgs, so at €9 per Kg, this works out at €360, and this is pro rated for quarter and half pigs. If you get a little less back from your quarter , half or whole pig, I will adjust the cost accordingly.

  4. If I go for your 'Own a Pig' option, can I come visit my pig?

    Yes, indeed you can, in fact I would encourage you to do so.

    However, it is by prior appointment only(no exceptions) and you can come visit 3 times over the life of your pig if you wish.

  5. Are your pigs 'really' freerange?

    Yes, my pigs are born in small huts in the paddock and can come and go as they please. I try and keep them inside the hut until they are more than 3 or 4 days old, but after that they are outside all the time and only go into their huts when they don't like the weather or to sleep..

  6. How do you roast pork?

    Make sure you know the weight of your pork joint..!

    For the first 15 minutes - 250°C/ 475°F Gas 9

    After 15 minutes - 180°C 350°F Gas 4

    Minutes per Kg 44-55/Per lb 20-25

    Meat thermometer temp when done 75°C/170°F


    This is only a guide. Not all ovens cook the same way. Use a meat thermometer to be sure!!

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